Delta9 Vape Cart 1.0g Jack Herer

1 gram cartridge refill for the Delta Vape 2.0 battery.

Balanced and smooth, the Jack Herer is a naturally flavored Sativa strain specifically formulated to leave you feeling focused and energized. Delta 9's innovative design maximizes airflow during each hit ensure a consistent dosage and unparalleled potency. 

Review from driver T-roy:


I’m not going to say I’m the best person to talk about Delta 9, their pens, and their cartridges, but I will say I was one of the most vocal supporters of Delta 9 when Kind picked up the brand years ago back when the pens were smaller and the cartridges looked completely different.  Many of you reading this might recall me speaking to you about them in length when talk of a good pen/carts came up on one of my visits.  I love my Delta 9 Pen.  The superiority over the other pens is - in my opinion - unquestioned.  The pen is simple and easy to use with a single button to ignite the heating element, while the glass cartridges are clear and easy to gauge the amount of oil left in each, and has a smooth metal mouth piece which doesn’t have a metal taste at all, nor does it take away from the magnificent taste of the oil, but more on that later.  Of all the pens and cartridges on our menu, Delta 9 for me is the only one that screams “sturdy and long-lasting”, this is a pen that will stay around.  The effects are nothing to balk at either, as the THC percentage and content are powerful and start working immediately.  They’re also varied between Sativa, Indica, or CBD infused to match what you’re looking for.  The flavoring for these cartridges are unmatched as well.  Easily, they are the tastiest of all the carts we’ve ever carried, and the newer design doesn’t take away any of that flavor, from Strawberry AK to Grape Ape, to my personal favorite, the banana-influenced Monkeyberry...and I don’t even like the taste of bananas.  All of this and with a handy charger and discreet holding case, I highly recommend the Delta 9 Pen and cartridges for the best vaping experience for your buck.