Green Candy CO2 Oil


54.6% THC, 0.1 CBD%, 1.3% CBN. Tested by SC labs 11/12/2015.  Green Candy is Green Crack crossed with Candy Kush.  The result is was wonderful hybrid that give a very balanced effect.

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These CO2 extracts are some of the best tasting extracts we have ever tried.  The smoke is incredibly smooth.  The trick is the extraction method. These oils are actually produced using CO2 as a sort of solvent in a process called supercritical fluid extraction.  Supercritical fluid extraction is a method of using high pressure to force a solvent (Carbon Dioxide for this oil.  CO2 is a liquid state at high pressure) through plant matter. When the solvent is pushed through the plant matter at such a high pressure, it can separate the matter precisely which allows our producer to isolate only the purest essence of the cannabis. The result is pure, delicious, potent, amber oil. Oil comes packaged 1 gram at a time in a syringe. Oil can be placed on a bud and smoked. Dabs wonderfully. We have also been using the oil in vap pens.  Its too thick to use in an oil tank, works beautifully though in any pen designed for dry wax.  Much of the cannabinoids have also been decarboxylated.  That mean you can even eat this oil for a heavier edible type effect. smokes wonderfully, but it tastes like pot when you eat it!