Quick Synopsis.  It's awesome.  Beautiful well formed pungent buds that pack a strong euphoric kick.  Definitely more of a sativa feel to me.  Full the full review written under the (strong) influence, read on. 


As I sit here comfortable, with just one large hit.  I feel  a smile has found my lips.  This strain is so fine it makes me rhyme but there is no reason for this.  High in my mind I remember the time I first smoked pot.  Blinded by ignorance at first my stance was not to try for way to long.  I was concerned... my search was getting desperate...my search for the relief  of the pain to feel the same before the migraines.  To sleep at night to feel alright and when I woke... to have no sleeping pill hangover.    This search was done when I heard the song of my bong and for the first time in my life I felt ...right.   Why do I think back to that night when I went from I might to alright I'll smoke this fragrant little medicine that makes  feel so dy-no-mite?  Because this weed is good and it brought that memory back. 

  I feel stimulated and focused and happy.  My mind has become a energized playground.  Thoughts of all different type are holding hands and dancing in my head.  I can't help but be positive and hopeful. 

  I just smoked some amazing medicine from our newest growing partner.  And even though this job is so stressful and exhausting and frustrating it is also awesome.  I continually have the pleasure of finding  new fabulous variations of this incredible medicine we all love.  One of the definite parts I love about this job.   I really have to say I feel good.  As more time goes on I still feel fantastic, but everything is a little slower.  A warm Hazy blanket of bliss has settled around me.  It's a wonderful world.


I see nugs of green, orange hairs too

We round them up, and bring them to you

And I think to myself

What a wonderful job


I see strains of new, make smoke that might

bring a bright blessed day, or a warm sacred night

And I think to myself

What a wonderful job


This medicine I just smoked, so pretty to the eyes

Takes my mind to places, of memories gone by

I see buds shaking hands, saying how do you do.

They're really saying , hey bud... I love you


I hear bowls crackling, I watch them glow

I'll feel so much more, than they'll ever know.

And I think to myself


Yes I think to myself, what a wonderful job


I'm a little in love with this weed right now.  2 hours into my review, nearly smoked the whole bowl and the munchies have set it.  I still feel great.    I feel like this could strain could put the fun back in functional as a daytime strain.  I think I need to do another test soon :-)  




17.5% THC, 0% CBD. Tested by Cannalysis 1/31/18.  Reported to be a cross of Super Silver Haze and SFV OG. Also called "Californina Dreamin".


Medicinal Uses: 
THC dominant Hybrid strains such as Hazy can vary in effectiveness for a wide range of ailments.  Patients may find relief from pain, anxiety, stress, insomnia, muscle spasms or tremors, depression, nausea, and can provide appetite stimulation.   Many patients who smoke for minor symptoms like aches and pain with mild stress or insomnia or just to take the edge off of life without wanting to get super stoned or high are frequently fond of hybrids.