Strawberry Creme


20.6% THC. Tested by Cannalysis Labs.

Strawberry Creme cannabis strain is a nearly pure, Sativa dominant hybrid by Riot Seeds. It is often regarded as one of the best indoor Sativas on the clone-only market. It is one of the most potent smelling buds, giving off an irresistibly fresh strawberry smell. All with a shortened flowering period, but monstrous yields. Perfect for daytime usage. Strawberry Creme cannabis strain's high and pungent smell is a bit reminiscent of Blue Dream. It will relax you and settle within, but has an active cerebral potency that will definitely get you off the couch.


 Patients found this strain is useful for energy, focus and helps treat depression.


Review by driver T-roy:

Our new Strawberry Cream, a blend of Strawberry Cough and The White, is a very heavy eyed, very berry flavored (with a touch of pine for good measure), beautiful bud that is nothing short of ganja dynamite. It has a wild grown look to it, like your crazy cousin you only see during holidays who eyeballs the creamed spinach a little too hard and thinks the world is flat. Those wild orange hairs are stunning, nonetheless.  It struts and flaunts its healthy gorgeous color and offers a serious effect that’s relaxing, creative, calming, peaceful, and feels amazeballs. If one of the parents is The White (literally one of the greatest strains I’ve ever had, in my top three of all time, seriously) then it’s no surprise to me that all of these fantastic effects are coming on and staying around.  I’m awake and aware, but Strawberry Cream definitely comes with a side of heavy eyes as mentioned before, so obviously they’re heavy enough that I’ve noticed them on every test, more so than any other strain.  Outside of a dry mouth craving some water, Strawberry Cream is fantastic for setting a peaceful mood to the day, feeling creative, or squashing depression.