Sunset Shebert


Admittedly, out of the long string of new strains we’ve gotten in the last few weeks, Sunset Sherbet was probably the one I was the most excited about, savoring this review. The name alone salivated my senses for a tasty, sweet/tropical flavored getaway session. Though, looking at the bud my mind is conflicted with the dark green hue and the tiny smattering of orange chairs, because that usually indicated a woody or piney aroma on the olfactory palate. However, as the name suggests, a sweet fruity cloud of happy wafted out of the bag.  Breaking the flower apart for grinding results in some flakiness but it reveals Sunset Sherbet’s crystal covered interior and enhanced the fruit smell even more.  Being that this was a hybrid testing at 18% honestly got me even more excited. One of the best strains I’ve ever smoked in my life - Dream Queen – tested at only 17.3% and opened my mind, was cerebral and heady, and put a big grin on my face.  And Sunset Sherbet had all the makings of a surprising result.  After smoking my preroll the results were heavy eyes, a stony mindset, and an overall chill, mellow vibe that set in and lasted for a good hour and a half.  If you’re a novice smoker Sunset Sherbet is a good choice as the full body effects are strong and will last for the price, and for the more experienced smoker looking to kill the anxiety, tension, and stress from your day this strain is a Sher-bet.