Berry Pie


Review from driver T-roy:

Light green and smelling freshly plucked from the bush, Berry Pie is new on the menu with some sweet smelling aromas both lit and unlit.  This bud gave me a phenomenally relaxing high that lasted for a good hour, and as expected, tasted like desert at Marie Calendars.  The berry fruit of the bud is obvious, strong, and flavorful.  This put me in a nice mental state of calm confidence too.  I wasn’t sleepy or couchlocked.  But there was a lovely peacefulness to this smoke session that also helped me focus as well, being a true hybrid that it is.  Body relaxation and a bit of mental clarity, similar to the other recently reviewed gelato 33, our current hybrids are strong, affective, and do exactly what they’re meant to do.  I don’t want to say that this would be a great introductory flower to try, because the more experienced smokers will see that as beginner stuff, but Berry Pie is a lovely, uplifting high that has a gentle yet confident experience if you’re struggling with depression, overthinking, stress or anxiety.