Blueberry Haze


Review from driver T-roy:

Smelling ripe and delicious, with the expected fruity berry aroma, Blueberry Haze is our newest sativa that I would consider the strongest cousin to Blue Dream in terms of the effects, aesthetics, and taste.  And out of the long line of sativas I’ve tested lately, Blueberry Haze is definitely the quickest acting on the least amount of puffs. As a seasoned smoker, toked, and joker, I mean this when I say this is probably the best bang for your buck sativa on our menu right now.  The high is strong and incredible and that’s after just two to three hits from my pipe.  This is a sativa but it certainly could be mistaken for a hybrid because while it did give me physical energy, my brain defiantly slowed down a tic.  I was almost too mentally relaxed, not stupid so to speak, but delayed.  After about half an hour though, I’m actually more in my head (the delaying effects lifted) than I think I would be with Blue Dream or Emerald Jack.  But there is a hint of fresh energy flowing through me. The energy is partially nervous energy, but that merely fueled me to get off the couch and work it off.  Blueberry Haze is an uplifting sativa good for anxiety but if you’re still looking to feel productive and energized.


  Light green, frosty and pungent.  This strain makes a strong first impression.  Reminds me a lot of Blue Dream is how it looks and even smells.   First hit comes on a little slow and I exhale some really tasty smoke.  Very smooth and tasty smoke.   Oh now I’m feeling something.   My head feels big and light.    Spacey, light, airy, dare I say fluffy.  Feel a little like a got a chill that stopped half way down my back and is just, well, chillin.  

I done got blazed, on some blueberry haze

On blueberry haze, when I got my chills

This is a really nice feeling.  Very much a sativa feel.    I feel somewhat alert and creative.   My knee and back feel free of any discomfort and there is usually at least a little.  I have a mild but really nice euphoric buzz about me right now. 

In the smoke the light plays, with the smoke of my haze

Which brings an olfactory delight

Floating on air, I’ll take on the dare

To take my next hit of the night

Now just two hits in, I feel like I win

Cause I found a new strain I adore

And the best part is, that I’m in the biz

I know a dude that will grow more


Two thumbs up and a stupid grin for this strain.  I wouldn’t consider it a pure sativa effect but certainly sativa dominate.  I liked or loved every part of this strain.  The smell, taste, smoothness and of course…the effect…Euphoric, energizing, spacey all with a nice pain management profile.  


Blueberry Haze cannabis strain is a hybrid combination of the two popular strains: Blueberry and Haze. It merges well known pain relief effects of Blueberry with psychedelic, stress relief effects of Haze. Blueberry Haze marijuana strain is good for daytime use as it will put a smile on your face, boost your energy level and relax your body. Blueberry Haze marijuana strain induces relaxing body high along with uplift.