Emerald Jack
Two highly touted strains harmonize to form the flavorful, sativa-driven hybridEmerald Jack. Jack Herer, with its amazing spectrum of earthy flavors and heady effects, combines with the pungent sour aromas of Emerald OG to give life to Emerald Jack’s unique terpene profile. Its aroma is a vivid mix of earthy and pine zest that excites the senses and forms flavors of skunky citrus upon exhale. The resulting effects are upliftingenergetic, and are known to inspire creativity. Many chose Emerald Jack for daytime use and its ability to maintain productivity and a clear head.
Review from driver T-roy:

For a strain named Emerald Jack, I totally expected the flower to be the brightest green with the frostiest of beautiful crystals coating it like Gorilla Glue, or even one of the best strains I ever smoked in my life, The White (one half of our Strawberry Cream strain).  But to my surprise, these buds look like they’re trying to give Conan O’Brien’s orange pompadour a run for its money.  Covered in bright orange hairs (and yes, a lovely dusting of frosty crystals) and burning with rich, tasty flavor, EJ gave me some fantastic, talkative energy. Loquacious, bombastic, and cerebrally engaging, after one small bud, my toke set my sails and I was feeling marvelous, my mind abuzz like a beehive in spring.  Time slowed down, while my mind sped up.  I’m in a great mood and feel lifted and positive.  I found the energy to do some chores as well and happily was able to take care of some business that had been weighing on my mind with no nervous jitters or apprehension.  It’s a fun strain that will lighten your mood, however(!) if you’re a naturally high-energy person this may not be the strain for you, as it may cause some anxiety or paranoia.  Overall though, Emerald Jack is a flavorful, blissful bud that could turn on some ideas, fuel creativity, and scoop you out of any slumping depression you may be struggling with.  Shine on you crazy emerald.