Epic OG


Review from driver T-roy:

With a name like Epic OG I was more than curious about the effects of this bud. So curious I made sure to clean my pipe throughly to get the best and purest effects.  And wow this didn’t disappoint.  Smooth on the lungs and throat, and very tasty, Epic OG is like a high functioning Indica that won’t put you to sleep, but will relax, calm, and put at peace any other concerns you may have.  This would be fantastic for easing any anxiety or stress without knocking you out cold or couch-locking you with no energy to do anything the rest of the day.  Mentally, I’m still functional and aware, and actually feeling really good. I really like the headspace this strain puts me in.  I’m calm, but uplifted, confident, and generally happy. I can’t say I have any complaints about Epic OG, but this isn’t an overwhelming Indica like Abusive or OG Kush, but a gentle, and easy-going strain for a boost and alleviate stress.