Green Ribbon

Review from driver T-roy:

Subtle, relaxing, and made to make you feel good, Green Ribbon is here on the menu. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this hybrid, but I was pleasantly surprised by its gentle and comforting energy I got from this - tho, this one is a rarity for me in that it came on like an edible. The high was slow to come, at first I thought it was like smoking CBD but the strain snowballed on me and before I knew it I was flying. Though, again, it’s a gentle strain so flying maybe too strong of a word but floating is close. And if Purple Platinum OG is made to make you stupid and forgetful, Green Ribbon offers a more introspective and alert vibe that I could get used too. The nugs are dense but seem to have a surface layer of softness, so your bud will burn for a while, at least a good 7 to 8 solid hits. The smell and taste is a sweet combination of fruitiness and pine - like a mango tree baring fruit in the Oregon woodland. Being a blend of the focused up-ness of Green Crack and the mellow calm of Blue Ribbon, you’ll get a true hybrid blend of up and down for a porridge-is-just-right vibe that’s perfect for fighting depression, anxiety, or stress.