Review from driver T-roy:
I was beyond surprised when I stuck my head in the new bag of indica dominate Lemonade - that is now on our menu - and didn’t smell the most lemony bud I’ve ever smelled. I thought for sure it was going to be on par with Lemon Diesel. Boy, was I wrong. Skunky to the max and dank as can be, Lemonade is a cough-inducing, eye-watering flower that gets the job done in a hurry getting you high and droopy eyed.  The buds are semi-fluffy with just a touch of density, so the green burns beautifully too, the fire taking to the flower is like cotton candy to a hot, wet tongue. The effects were relaxing and fun too: I wasn’t couch locked per se but this put me in a very chill mindset, and I was still able to function and actually get a few things done.  I really like Lemonade for a daytime Indica, a way to calm down, relax and get even keeled mentally.  Talk about a perfect summer refreshment to relax on in your hammock under the shade.  Get some Lemonade and enjoy endless Summer!