Our goal is to provide high quality and effective alternative, organic, and holistic remedies for our members while giving back to our community.   We are a small, family oriented company.  We aim to stay small so we can attain a more personal level of service for all our members.  When possible, we will provide medications free or at a reduced cost for our members who are sick and cannot afford to purchase medications themselves.  We are always on the search for fellow non profits to financially aid whenever possible.   All donations collected that go beyond a few modest salaries and operating expenses will go back to our members and our communities. 


The primary way we hope to improve our members physical, emotional, and spiritual well being is by providing high quality medicinal marijuana.  We pride ourselves on having experienced and caring members who cultivate nothing but the best product possible.  All our medicine comes from fellow collective members and we do our best to ensure that all product is clean of pests, mold, mildew, and any other contaminants.  Every bud is inspected and trimmed to an exquisite standard that is second to none.


 Many of our strains have been tested for percentage of active cannabinoids including THCA, THC, CNB, CBDA, and CBDs.  We store all our buds in glass containers in a cool dark area at the perfect humidity. When possible we prefer to let our product cure for several additional weeks improving taste and aroma.  For those members who wish to medicate with THC or other cannibinoids but who don’t wish to or are unable to smoke we provide an array of alternatives including edibles, topicals, tinctures, and oils.


We are currently searching for additional effective natural or holistic remedies.  We are investigating and testing products such as organic candles, locally made incense, aroma therapy oils,  and other herbal supplements.  We have found this to be quite challenging as it is difficult to determine hype from truth in this realm.  However we will not bring in any products unless we truly believe in them.  We are open to suggestions from our members for suggestions on products they have used and been happy with.


Finally our last goal.  To educate.  Medicinal marijuana still lives under a cloud of suspicion and derision in many areas of our state.  However the evidence that this herb has amazing healing and recuperative powers is growing.  Many things such as stress or pain relief or as an appetite stimulant for cancer patients on chemotherapy are well known.  


However new research and anecdotal evidence suggests that marijuana could be even more amazing than many of us ever suspected.   Incredible cases of  effective treatment of severe behavioral issues, autism, alzheimers  and even cancer have been cited in reputable medical journals.  As we grow and learn more we hope to be a portal for this type of exciting news for our members.  As we learn we want to pass the knowledge on.  Together we can spread the truth and change those minds who still remain closed.


After reflecting on our first 15 months of business we wanted to say thanks and let our members know some of the things we have been doing.  

From the very beginning we wanted to run our club completely state legal and as a real "collective".   This means paying sales tax on all our donations, reporting our income, paying our employees legitimately so they would be covered for workers comp or unemployment  and donating back to our community.  This is a strange murky business where many of our competitors don't do these things.  We weren't sure if we would survive with this inherent competitive disadvantage.  But thanks to our many wonderful patients not only have we been able to pay our bills but we have been able to donate thousands and thousands of dollars worth of meds to some of our sickest and most poor members.  Running this collective has been the most exhaustung, stressful and rewarding job we have ever done.  And as the person who usuallly makes first contact with the people we end up donating to, or as the one there in person to tell them we will be able to do that going forward, I wanted to personally say thank you for making these things possible.  This is the first job I've ever had where grown men have cried and hugged me for telling them that we will be able to help them out.  We hear over and over how appreciative people are for us treating their medical needs with professionalism and compassion.  I have a ton of wonderful memories that will last a life time.  So from the bottom of my heart I just want to say thank you so much to all the kind, sweet, funny, interesting and generous members of our little community here.  And with a little bit of luck we hope to continue to be able to work together for years to come.   - Steve, President Kind Deliveries Inc.



We are sad to share that Kind Deliveries has been the subject of a Sales Tax Audit by the State of California. They have concluded that we have underreported our income and owe them a huge payment of back taxes, fines and penalties. All of their evidence is quite circumstantial. One of the tactics they have used to determine our total sales was to audit our purchase of pop-tops and mylar bag containers.  According to them, each 8thsize container is being calculated as $50 collected and every gram size container as a $20 collected. They are not taking into consideration our considerable gifting program, or other various factors, which would explain how every container purchase does not equal a top value sale. Think of auditing a pizza delivery company by counting the number of pizza boxes purchased and translating that to a pizza sold at top value.  Never mind that pizza company gifts leftover pizzas to homeless veterans at the end of the night or that a flood in the kitchen destroyed a pallet of boxes or that pizza boxes were on sale during that period and they stocked up (all true for Kind Deliveries).

You, as a patient of Kind Deliveries, know about our generous gifting programs which include: Veteran gifts, $100 purchase gifts, rewards cards and compassionate gifts, in addition to the many other instances in which we add gifts to orders.

We are doing our very best to fight this audit using multiple tactics and your collective voices could help us show the courts we operate as a Kind and generous business.  We are facing a great bias from auditors as they tell us there is no way we operate as a Non-Profit. They even going so far as to say that we do not provide free medicine. Since other businesses in our industry hide income, they believe we must as well. This is an unfair and unjust assumption and we desperately need our patients to help us fight the good fight!

We need your help! We are providing drivers with a form where you can attest to receiving gifts from Kind Deliveries. Please take a moment and fill out your personal contact information and simply check which ever box applies to you.   If you would like to share any thoughts or concerns, we invite you to write on the back of the form or you may email Steve directly at: Steve@kinddeliveries.org .   Legal counsel agrees this may help us as we fight our way through the court system. Not only are these high stakes for Kind Deliveries as a business, but also for the personal finances of our Founders: Steve and Stacey.

Anything you can do to help will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

You may also print out your own copy of this form and fill it out. Click here to download. 

Thank you for your time and you assistance!


Do you care about continuing your access to a delivery service? Do you want Kind Deliveries to still be operating next year? It is time to voice your concerns on the new regulations. We are in a critical public comment period on the draft rules. Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) has announced a new set of permanent regulations. There is a critical regulation for delivery that would override the local bans. Each of your cities have enacted local bans and are prohibiting any delivery or retailer to obtain a state license. This will eliminate Kind from delivering to our patients in less than 6 months. This means you will have to drive to a licensed city (Santa Ana). They cannot come to you. It also is impacting our access to quality meds and the brands you need. There are a few other important points in the article for the industry as a whole, including eliminating the use of single use plastic (HUGE!) and reliance on an online tracking system that would shut down retail when a working internet is not available. A prominant California cannabis lobbyist/activist, Jackie McGowan, has written a great article detailing the important things you as a consumer can do before the draft period ends on Aug 27th at 5pm. I have met Jackie and she is a patient herself and a passionate avocate. One easy task is to submit this online letter...it will only take you 2 minutes to voice your concerns.  The League of Cities and Counties is fighting hard to fight this new this regulation and they want to enforce local prohibition.



9/4/18 Update: 

August 27th was the last day to submit public comment in support of the regulation. After the Bureau is done reviewing all of the input they received, they will release a new draft in the coming weeks. While we don't anticipate the regulation being removed or changed, in politics ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN - so we will remain vigilant.

On August 31st, the League of Cities, Police Chiefs, and UFCW launched an incredibly misleading and targeted smear campaign to this regulation with their website "stopwanderingweed.com". [Note 10/4/18 this website has been taken down. If you did not see it, you would think it was a joke if you didnt know it was serious]

While we wait for the new draft regulations to come out, this is how you can help:

- educate your friends, colleagues and elected officials on the benefits of delivery and why stopwanderingweed.com is an attack on safe access

- create your own campaign explaining the myths vs. facts of delivery. Focus on positives: Delivery helps safe access, allows for discretion, is heavily regulated and follows same safety protocol as storefronts, and allowing it will help combat the illicit market.

- be ready to show up and speak and submit comments for the next 45-day comment period after the new draft is released





Kind Members and Future Members!

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Kind Payment news:

Note: As of July 1, 2018 Kind Deliveries will need to change our gifting policy. The costs of processing credit are getting more difficult and costly to our operations. We can still continue the convenience of offering credit card processing to our members. In order to encourage more cash donations, the free gift with $100 donation will only apply to cash payments. If you wish to donate with credit cards, we are offering free credit card processing with a gift of $100 or more. Donations of under $100 are still accepted via credit card with a $3 processing fee. We hope you understand the necessity of this change and appreciate the convenience of offering debit/credit card processing when many other collectives do not have this option.