Fatty's Rosin Roll

Fatty's "The Rosin Roll" is a limited edition product because of the care and effort that is required to make this superior pre-roll. Using only 100% pure bud, each one is infused with the same strain of naturally extracted rosin wax, hash and kief. It is three layers of extremely high quality products so that you can enjoy a pure taste if its the strain you choose.

Review from driver T-roy:
With a name like Fatty’s Rosin Roll (always gives me a chuckle), loaded with extras, and looking like a furry cigarillo with a filter as long as the joint, you could say my curiosity was easily piqued when I was asked to do this review.  Let me just get this out of the way right now, these are not for the faint of heart - I don’t care who you are these things WILL get you stoned, and is made for the connoisseur smoker.  My particular Rosin Roll was Gorilla Glue flavored (they come in a mixed variety of flavors and strains) and seem to have a tiny hint of berry or fruit flavoring for good measure.  But none of that really mattered because according to the packaging these prerolls are packed with “100% Pure Bud, infused with Rosin Wax, Hash, and Kief,” which to me spells an incredible and lasting high, and I was right.  Mine burned strong and cherried continually for the near total duration of the smoke session.  My only complaint was the tip was a bit slow to light on the initial toke, but after that it burned nicely and throughly and more than did it’s job.  As I said, these _will_ get you very medicated and feeling good, and after I finished my entire Rosin Roll I struggled to finish this review with a minty aftertaste and flying high. I’m definitely an instant fan. Fatty’s Rosin Roll is for the seriously smoker, and is fantastic for taking your high to the next level with out a dabbing rig or the price of waxes or shatter, and offers an enjoyable and flavorful experience with one powerful preroll.