Smashed x Kushie Super Doobie

Smashed x Kushie Super Doobie is Perfect for on the Go! Each Super Doobie contains 0.5 grams of a premium blend of organic grown cannabis and 0.25 grams of premium traditional hash. Totaling over 750MG OF THC! We use only pesticide-free flower and RAW paper to craft our prerolls. 

Review from driver T-roy:

Our new premier high-quality prerolls, the Smashed X Kushie Super Doobie is hash infused, has a RAW filter for a stronger hit, and smells amazing coming out of its tiny tube.  I was really excited to see how hard of a punch this little three inch joint would fair (one whole inch being the filter).  At first glance the preroll is packed tight and the paper looks thin for an excellent burn. This was my first smoke of the day for the purest kind of results.  After the first hit, I wasn’t at all disappointed: a few coughs, and a little lightheadedness. Second hit? I’m coughing up a storm, eyes are heavy, watery, and getting bloodshot immediately...this little dude is strong!  Admittedly, when I first saw the size and the price of $10 I was a little surprised, but that is gone all out the window. 10 bucks for one of these premade smokes will get you flying into the atmosphere if you’re not careful. I don’t taste the hash so much as I smell and feel it.  I don’t know what method the brand uses to roll out these little sticks of dynamite, but what they’re doing works and works well. This was my first smoke of the day, right around noon, and after three hits I’m definitely in a different headspace and feeling amazing. If you’re a lightweight, this $10 will take you very far. The effects are immediate and mellow.  If I was on the verge of an anxiety attack, this would do the trick for me. I’m in a calm, peaceful, and generally happy headspace. But there’s also a gentle weight that seems to be pushing me down. Not a bad way, but in a contained, contented, and confident way.  I barely got through third of this little guy and I don’t want anymore. I’m in a very good spot and I’m going to test how long this lasts.  My high is fantastic, creative, relaxing, uplifting, and just plain good, and has been going for an hour now.  I want to savor this little guy, but being an every day smoker I must say I got halfway through this pre-roll and definitely feel it is worth the $10. Don’t let the size of it fool you. The song says to smoke two joints in the morning and two joints at night, but he hasn’t met this high end pre-roll. I think this would last me all day long and into the night. The Smashed X Kushie Super Doobie is perfect for anxiety, stress, pain, a mood lifter, and packs a serious punch for its size and price.