Soul Assassin

Review from driver T-roy:

With a name like Soul Assassin, I had to laugh at how common and standard the bud looked before I smoke them. They could’ve literally been in the dictionary next to “Marijuana Flowers” they were so general looking. Not an insult, just standard little fluff balls of green with just a small sprinkling of crystals and the tiny beginnings of orange hairs. No particular crazy aroma, either. But doesn’t that seem right, though? Assassins are usually incognito, hiding in plain sight, looking like everyone else, right?  So shouldn’t this strain be surprisingly amazing, sneak up on me, and couch lock me out of nowhere? Total transparency: those were the thoughts going through my head as I grinder the bud for my preroll, BEFORE I SMOKED IT.  Once rolled and lit?  Holy cow, my assumption was 1 billion% correct. I’m halfway through my joint and I am definitely in a different headspace, my eyes are heavy, there’s a tingling behind them, I’m incredibly relaxed, and if I tried could probably go to sleep if not for my brain being abuzz with thoughts and ideas. I was able to structure a long text to my sister after about 2/3 the way through it, but that’s about it. I’m incredibly relaxed, incredibly mellow, and have a funny little smirk on my face.  This is a very cost-effective bud as well, because I’m looking at the rest of my joint right now and don’t think I could handle anymore at the moment. This is a heavy and strong Indica, and one of the most couch-locky strains I’ve ever smoked.  Insomnia, restlessness, or looking for something to send you off into a quick afternoon siesta, Soul Assassin will sneak up and end you.  At least for a few hours.