White Gorilla
White buffalo x Gorilla Glue #4

Review from driver T-roy:
There’s no way you can not <3 White Gorilla.  Two of my favorite strains of all time are The White (one half of the very popular Strawberry Creme on our menu) and the always reliable Gorilla Glue #4, so when I found out that we had something called White Gorilla I was very curious if those were it’s parents - turns out it’s White Buffalo, which I recalled still was a fantastically effective strain too when we carried it last year. That’s right folks, we got some freaky Island of Dr Moreau vibes going on, which is a very good thing if you’re talking weed! Mashing and splicing these two strains together doesn’t cook up a monstrosity, but instead an incredible blend of body relaxation and brain alertness - I can attest because I KILLED it at Jeopardy! while I melted into my couch - but it also blends into a cerebrally mellow, chill, and relaxing mode that’s yet heady, stoney, and got me feeling very high.  This is easily the Gorilla Glue coming out & proudly pounding its chest.  The bison/primate mix also feasts on pain and stress like a grassy field full of bananas.  The strength of this strain caught me off guard too, not only in how it made me feel, but how quickly it made me feel! Like a stampede rolling down the hills of the Badlands! Can you hear the thunder of their hooves?  Grab some White Gorilla and go bananas if you’re looking for a strong strain to pound your worry and anxiety into a bison burger.