Kind Deliveries, Inc. is an organized, not-for-profit collective of qualified patients in California operating within strict compliance of California Health and Safety Code sec. 11362.5 (B)(1)(A), 11362.7 (H), Proposition 215, Senate Bill 420 and the CA Attorney General Guidelines.

Quote of the Week

 "If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls of those who live under tyranny" 

-Thomas Jefferson


Quick note about changes in California law now that Prop 64 has passed.


  Currently very little has changed.  California is still a medical and only medical marijuana state when it comes to selling marijuana.  A recommendation from a licensed doctor is still required to get medical marijuana.  This will not change until January 1, 2018.  At this point recreational marijuana will be available to sell to any resident 21 or over.  There will be some large new taxes associated with this, both a producer and an excise tax that will raise prices about 20%.  However like I said, this is still over a year away.

  For all practical purposes only two things have really changed since election night and before 1/1/18.


1)       Patients who get a county issued state medical marijuana card will no longer be subject to sales tax of 8%.  If you have a valid card, your suggested donation will be less than our menu price.  Our menu donation points include sales tax, so if you have a valid state card your donation point will actually drop to the pre-tax point.  To figure out this price just take your expected donation total and multiply it by 0.9259.   For example a $100 donation for a valid card holder will now be $92.59.  Everyone, medical and recreational, will have to pay the new 15% excise tax after 1/1/18.

2)        It is now legal in California for any adult 21 or over to posses up to 1oz of flowers or 8 grams of concentrate.  This doesn’t affect how you can buy it, but it does affect how we can all carry it.  A reminder that open carry in a moving vehicle is still illegal.

We can also smoke in most areas where cigarette smoking is legal.  However property and business owners can also ban it from their premises.  Please always be respectful and discreet when smoking anywhere except your own private residence. 


Here is a good source for summarizing the changes and explains the county card system:


Contact Info to get your county card in Orange County:

Department of Health 
1200 N. Main Street #100-A 
Santa Ana, CA  92701 
(714) 480-6712 
Business Hours: 
Monday - Friday8am - 12pm1pm - 4pm

Happy Anniversary Kind Deliveries!

FOUR YEARS!  August 16, 2012 was the day Kind Deliveries did it's first delivery in South Orange County. It's been a wild ride, but we have built an amazing organization based on a collaboration of Kind people and great meds. 

New Collective Announcement 6/2/2016!

  Greeting everyone.  We wanted to take a moment to fully explain our tiered pricing discounts, gifts and our rewards card system.  We have had some patients get confused so I'll do my best to lay it all out in a clear and concise manner.  There have also been a few recent menu changes and there will be more coming soon.  Some of our products will also be showing more accurate test results that are calculated in a slightly different way than what you generally see on Weedmaps.  So we wanted to get all this new information out to our members quickly but also we hope in a way that's easy to understand.


  First off, lets touch on the testing.  Let's use as an example a flower frequently on our menu, good ole King Louie.  If you were to go on Weedmaps and look at the most recent test it would say total THC is 21.2%.  Well as a Jedi might say, this is true...from a certain point of view.   But it's not reality.  In our opinion nearly all test results posted on Weedmaps do not reflect a true number.  When products are tested we get a THC % and THC-A %.  THC is what many of us are concerned about, it's what gets us "high" or "stoned".  It also helps with appetite stimulation for chemo patients as well as a variety of other ailments that can vary depending on the patient and the strain.  THC-A is non psychoactive meaning it doesn't not have any high or stoned effects.  Though it does have other medicinal benefits.  The THC numbers we see on Weedmaps is simply adding those two numbers together.  Wait, what?  How can they do this?  They do this because THC-A is converted (decarboxylated) into THC when heat is applied for a certain amount of time.  The higher the heat, the quicker the process.  At 240 degrees Fahrenheit it takes about 20 minutes.  Set it on fire (smoke a bowl!) or vape or dab and it happens pretty much instantly.  During this process some of the THC is lost.  That 21.2 number I mentioned earlier is really about 18.6%.  Some companies are starting to publish these lower, more accurate results.    We may be switching to a new lab soon that will also publish these results if they can get fully integrated with Weedmaps.  We actually prefer to list results by the TAC (total active cannabinoids) and link a report that shows a full and accurate break down of not just cannabinoids but when we can, terpenes.   Some of the new products we have been getting are having the lower, more accurate numbers posted on them.  There are some companies in this industry that will take accuracy over inflated gaudy numbers.  Even if it hurts their business some.  This discrepancy is particularly noticeable in wax and other high strength concentrates.    Our last snow honeycomb for example would show 87.81 THC on weedmaps, but the true potential THC is a full 10 points lower at 77.77!  In order to avoid confusion we will continue to show results in the consistent TAC formula that we always have whenever possible.  And always try to have a link to the actual results from the lab.  IF you have any questions at all feel free to email me, Steve, president of Kind Deliveries at  For a nicely detailed explanation of the math, Steep Hill Labs made a nice blog about the process @

  Now let's discus some menu changes!

Sierra Pacific Rising

We love this company!   They have been producing our Snow, Snowland, Grandaddy Purple and Super Glue indoor flowers for a while.  Always fantastic.  Over the last year they have been slowly expanding their concentrate lines to go along with these strains.  These now include...


  • Crumble/Honeycomb - Always beautiful, delicious and easy to handle.
  • Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) - This is simply the best RSO we have come across. 
  • Shatter - This is the news form added to their repetoire.  Currently we just have their Snow, but additional strains are coming soon.




We are very excited to be bringing in IVXX (read 4 and 20 as roman numerals hehe, but pronounced "eye-Vex") products to our collective.  All IVXX products are produced using CO2 as the solvent so as opposed to other products that use solvents such as butane.  (Butane vs CO2 link coming soon).  The newest IVXX carts we have are their "Gold" line.  These are even stronger and tastier than before!  Currently available in Indica and Sativa with 3 different rotating strains of each type.

Trikom Treats

Trikom strength, packaging and price have all changed.  Trikoms used to be a $10 suggested donation and were about 100mg THC per treat.  Most of them are now 150mg and will be $12.  The lemon bar is now a whopping 300mg and will be $24.  The treats are now also packaged in a resealable plastic bag.  We did have to discontinue the toffee brownie as they are no longer making them but will be replaced by a triple chocolate brownie for those who don't want a candy topping.


Pop Naturals extracts

Pop Naturals is another CO2 extract company that is going with the lower, more accurate THC test results on their packaging and they have been making some wonderful products lately.   We also have a cartridge they offer that is a 50/50 CBD/THC for those who want a less intense high but still want a decent THC effect while getting a strong dose of CBD.


Now finally tiered discounts and gifting policies.  We have a variety of things that we do for patients.  Including one reserved for more established patients.  Now this has nothing to do with our donations or DOGOs we do for the very sick and financially needy.  These are for the bulk of the collective.


Mix and match flowers - This is the one that causes the most confusion.  You don't need an oz of the same flower to get oz pricing.  Just an oz total.  And you can mix different price points.  Currently our menu offers flowers at 40, 50 and 55 per 1/8.  When you get to 1/4 the 40 stays the same but 50 and 55 become 45 and 50.  Get to a half and they become 35,40 and 45 and get to an oz and its 30, 35 and 40 respectively per 1/8.


Rewards Cards - On the 5th visit the patient receives a free gram of their choice and a free 1/8 on the 10th.  Patients must keep their cards and have the driver initial it each visit.  Our system does not allow us to easily track this info.  For those who don't smoke flower we can figure out a fair substitute on a case by case basis.

Gifts on $100 or more donations -  All orders $100 or more receive a free gift from the drivers.  Patients can't pick strains on this one but can request something more like indica or sativa is so desired. For those who don't smoke flower we can figure out a fair substitute on a case by case basis (generally it includes edibles priced at $15 or less).

3 or more concentrates or carts or pills - Any order that has 3 or more concentrates , any of our preloaded cartridges, or pills priced $35 or more, receive $5 off each product.

Special orders by the case - For those who medicate on a constant basis and would like to order products by the case such as edibles or cartridges can receive up to 25% off.  These orders do need to be placed ahead of time.  Many times just 1 day is sufficient, sometimes up to a week.   Ask for details.

5/$200 - Now this is something we only offer to patients who have been with us for at least 6 months.  This is a program that is offered in lieu of the rewards cards.  Get any 5 products that have a suggested donation point of $40-$60 for $200.  This includes any 1/8s of flowers, premium waxes, cartridges in that prices range, and anything else we offer.    This allows patients to get quality flowers at oz pricing without having to get an oz at a time with the added flexibility of adding other types of products.


Well that's it for this update.  Also always feel free to ask your dispatcher, driver or email me directly at if you have any questions or any other feedback or suggestions on how to better serve or patient base.





Collective announcement!


This is Steve, President of Kind Deliveries.  As many of you know we recently were charged with cultivation and distribution of marijuana.  Which was an interesting court case as we didn't deny doing any of that.  We just had to prove we were doing it within the context of the law.  We had a police deputy tell us "there is no such thing as medical marijuana" and sarcastically say "I'm sure you're legitimate" and we had a prosecutor who didn't think it was legal for anyone in a collective to be paid a wage.   However justice prevailed!   On January the 16th 2014 the charges were officially dropped.   To quote the court "It appears to me as though the Ramsey's operation is trying to get it right.  It appears to me as for the most part, they seem to be in compliance with the Medical Marijuana Program and the Compassionate use Act." 

What many of you didn't know is we just had another recent fight in order to keep one of our drivers out of jail. This time when I pointed out to an officer what a judge said about our last case her response was "Well, that's just one judge".   It is really incredible how some of law enforcement also think they are the prosecutor, judge and jury, and how they think their personal opinions override the rule of law.  It doesn't matter that we had to pay thousands of dollars in defending a bogus charge the first time, this officer felt it was fine to make us go thru the entire process again.  It is one way they will try to go after collectives. They go after the drivers until the place folds under legal threats.  This time, we made a pre-emptive move, and provided documents to the district attorney to show that we ran an organized and transparent collective. As a result, no charges were officially filed. Once again we prevailed with a legal victory, nearly one year to the date after our last one.   But again, it took more money needlessly defending ourselves.  The most frustrating part is since we operate as a non-profit, and we basically do donations as we can afford then, these sort of expenses deeply cut into our donation budget.

One point I always like to make when talking about these sorts of instances that most cops do their job properly.  Since I have been involved in this industry (which predates Kind) I have now had 13 interactions with the police.  Eleven of those encounters went well.  In fact I would say 2 of those 8 were amazing.  Those 2 officers thanked me for "doing it the right way".  One told me of his aunt, another of his grandmother, and how they witnessed for themselves the incredible medicinal properties of marijuana.   Just because there some cops who just doesn't get it, I don't want that to reflect negatively on the police as a whole.   I have repeatedly found that if you have your paperwork, are polite, and respectful most cops (should be 100%!) will treat you just fine when it come to this issues.  I have tremendous respect for good cops.

As the laws continue to evolve in California hopefully these sort of interactions become a thing of the past. Those of us in this industry will face new challenges for sure.  As the state will continue to legislate to take more and more "protection" money in the forms of licences and permits and a few giant producers and distributers will emerge with growing political clout.  Small collectives like us will find it possibly even harder to survive than before, though I can say that Kind Deliveries still has a lot of fight left in it, and we plan on being around for a good while longer :)


Welcome to Kind Deliveries!

Our goal is to bring top quality medications to our patients in a prompt and courteous manner. We perform full menu testing in order to provide as much information to our patients as possible. Check out our menu for test results, reviews and pictures of our products. New strains are added weekly, so check back often.

CBD-rich meds are available. We have done extensive testing from member/growers all over California in order to find strains with a high Cannabidiol (CBD) to THC ratio. Our goal is to provide at least one CBD rich strain/capsule/oil on our menu at any time.  Much of the scientific research is showing CBD to be the key component in marijuana’s role as medicine.  

Ask about our Veteran's specials (ID required).

Call to get pre-verified and set up for a delivery.

Mission Statement Continued...


Give Back to Kind Deliveries!

Our members keep asking what they can do to help out Kind Deliveries and give back to their favorite collective. We have a few projects where we are looking for member support...
1) Write reviews on Weedmaps. 
Many of our new members come from weedmaps and reviews are a critical way to evaluate a new service. Long or short, good or bad- we love receiving your feedback, so please take a moment to tell us what you think.  Many of you that found us through Weedmaps know first-hand that a kind review will go a long way in helping new patients feel comfortable inviting us into their homes. 
We work hard at establishing ourselves as  a professional, compassionate and efficient collective that provides quality medication; so our reviews help us to determine we are achieving our goals while providing assurance to new members. A recent review said; "Each and every time I make the call, they come with what I've asked for, at a time I choose by people who don't scare the s*** out of me." That may not be how we would have worded it, but it really shows we have met our goal!  
We know Weedmaps sometimes has technical difficulties setting up a user profile or posting a review, so we really appreciate it when a person takes the time to go through the hassle.  We know it wasn't easy! We are currently working on setting up a testimonial section on this webpage to post comments. In the meantime, if you want to send us feedback without using Weedmaps, you can email it to:  
2) Send us your feedback on any strains you have tried. 
Members always tell us they love the reviews Steve writes on each strain. It can be quite the task for him, as his only time to medicate is at the end of the day- preferring to do each as a clean test. That gives only a short window in the day to test and write a thoughtful review.
With our variety of meds lately, the task of reviewing each individually is just too much for one person. If you have an opinion on a strain, good or bad, please write it up and let us know. If you prefer concentrates and waxes, we could also use extra help reviewing those products. Tell us what conditions you are treating with Medical Marijuana, and tell us how the strain worked for you or made you feel. What did you think of the flavor, the smell, the quality? Be creative and have fun! Write us a medical marijuana melody, an ode to your favorite herb, craft a cannabis creation or draw a picture to express your review.  Send your feedback