Kind Deliveries, Inc. is an organized, not-for-profit collective of qualified patients in California operating within strict compliance of California Health and Safety Code sec. 11362.5 (B)(1)(A), 11362.7 (H), Proposition 215, Senate Bill 420 and the CA Attorney General Guidelines.

Quote of the Week

 "If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls of those who live under tyranny" 

-Thomas Jefferson



We are sad to share that Kind Deliveries has been the subject of a Sales Tax Audit by the State of California. They have concluded that we have underreported our income and owe them a huge payment of back taxes, fines and penalties. All of their evidence is quite circumstantial. One of the tactics they have used to determine our total sales was to audit our purchase of pop-tops and mylar bag containers.  According to them, each 8th size container is being calculated as $50 collected and every gram size container as a $20 collected. They are not taking into consideration our considerable gifting program, or other various factors, which would explain how every container purchase does not equal a top value sale. Think of auditing a pizza delivery company by counting the number of pizza boxes purchased and translating that to a pizza sold at top value.  Never mind that pizza company gifts leftover pizzas to homeless veterans at the end of the night or that a flood in the kitchen destroyed a pallet of boxes or that pizza boxes were on sale during that period and they stocked up (all true for Kind Deliveries).

You, as a patient of Kind Deliveries, know about our generous gifting programs which include: Veteran gifts, $100 purchase gifts, rewards cards and compassionate gifts, in addition to the many other instances in which we add gifts to orders.

We are doing our very best to fight this audit using multiple tactics and your collective voices could help us show the courts we operate as a Kind and generous business.  We are facing a great bias from auditors as they tell us there is no way we operate as a Non-Profit. They even going so far as to say that we do not provide free medicine. Since other businesses in our industry hide income, they believe we must as well. This is an unfair and unjust assumption and we desperately need our patients to help us fight the good fight!

We need your help! We are providing drivers with a form where you can attest to receiving gifts from Kind Deliveries. Please take a moment and fill out your personal contact information and simply check which ever box applies to you.   If you would like to share any thoughts or concerns, we invite you to write on the back of the form or you may email Steve directly at: .   Legal counsel agrees this may help us as we fight our way through the court system. Not only are these high stakes for Kind Deliveries as a business, but also for the personal finances of our Founders: Steve and Stacey.

Anything you can do to help will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

You may also print out your own copy of this form and fill it out. Click here to download. 

Thank you for your time and you assistance!


Do you care about continuing your access to a delivery service? Do you want Kind Deliveries to still be operating next year? It is time to voice your concerns on the new regulations. We are in a critical public comment period on the draft rules. Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) has announced a new set of permanent regulations. There is a critical regulation for delivery that would override the local bans. Each of your cities have enacted local bans and are prohibiting any delivery or retailer to obtain a state license. This will eliminate Kind from delivering to our patients in less than 6 months. This means you will have to drive to a licensed city (Santa Ana). They cannot come to you. It also is impacting our access to quality meds and the brands you need. There are a few other important points in the article for the industry as a whole, including eliminating the use of single use plastic (HUGE!) and reliance on an online tracking system that would shut down retail when a working internet is not available. A prominant California cannabis lobbyist/activist, Jackie McGowan, has written a great article detailing the important things you as a consumer can do before the draft period ends on Aug 27th at 5pm. I have met Jackie and she is a patient herself and a passionate avocate. One easy task is to submit this online will only take you 2 minutes to voice your concerns.  The League of Cities and Counties is fighting hard to fight this new this regulation and they want to enforce local prohibition.


9/4/18 Update: 

August 27th was the last day to submit public comment in support of the regulation. After the Bureau is done reviewing all of the input they received, they will release a new draft in the coming weeks. While we don't anticipate the regulation being removed or changed, in politics ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN - so we will remain vigilant.

On August 31st, the League of Cities, Police Chiefs, and UFCW launched an incredibly misleading and targeted smear campaign to this regulation with their website "". [Note 10/4/18 this website has been taken down. If you did not see it, you would think it was a joke if you didnt know it was serious]

While we wait for the new draft regulations to come out, this is how you can help:

- educate your friends, colleagues and elected officials on the benefits of delivery and why is an attack on safe access

- create your own campaign explaining the myths vs. facts of delivery. Focus on positives: Delivery helps safe access, allows for discretion, is heavily regulated and follows same safety protocol as storefronts, and allowing it will help combat the illicit market.

- be ready to show up and speak and submit comments for the next 45-day comment period after the new draft is released





Kind Members and Future Members!

Please check out our Facebook page for Industry updates:

Kind Payment news:

Note: As of July 1, 2018 Kind Deliveries will need to change our gifting policy. The costs of processing credit are getting more difficult and costly to our operations. We can still continue the convenience of offering credit card processing to our members. In order to encourage more cash donations, the free gift with $100 donation will only apply to cash payments. If you wish to donate with credit cards, we are offering free credit card processing with a gift of $100 or more. Donations of under $100 are still accepted via credit card with a $3 processing fee. We hope you understand the necessity of this change and appreciate the convenience of offering debit/credit card processing when many other collectives do not have this option.



Welcome to Kind Deliveries

Greeting everyone!  As you may of heard, cannabis has been in the news a bit lately and some of the laws have changed.  We wanted to give everyone an update as to the current state of the collective as well as possibilities in the future.

Can I order from Kind if I have 21+ without a Medical Recommendation?

No. Kind Deliveries is still a MEDICAL only collective operating under the protections of Prop 215 and SB420.  We may try to get a license to be a recreation club in the future.  However currently in Orange County, only Santa Ana has given approval for any recreational licenses.  There are no legal recreational businesses around here to our knowledge.  So until further notice, you need to be 18 and over and possess a valid doctor recommendation to be a member of our collective.

From the Bureau of Cannabis Control: "Existing collectives and cooperatives may continue to operate through 2018 under the protections identified in Health and Safety Code section 11362.775 if they satisfy the legal requirements for operating such an entity."

How can I get a medical recommendation?

There are a few places online that are quick and affordable to get evaluated for a recommendation. Note: Kind Deliveries is not affliated with any of these organizations. 


HelloMd Online

MMJ Doctor Online

420 Evaluations Online

What about pricing and payments?

There are price increases coming soon to everyone.  New taxes will be kicking In on the distributor side. As product runs out and gets replaced it will be getting more expensive.  We aren’t sure if we will be able to continue taking credit cards long term. There is a 15% Tax being collected from our distributors that is being paid to the state (Medical and Recreational). As we have to pay the new tax, we will have to pass that price increase along to the consumers. Cultivators will be paying new taxes soon so that might raise the costs of flowers in the upcoming months. As local cities and municipalities start issuing licenses, they will most likely have their own set of taxes. As an example, LA is imposing a 5% tax on medical cannabis and 10% tax on recreational (that is in addition to the 15% excise tax and state sales tax).  

Here is what you can expect in Santa Ana:


Adult Use - 15% state tax + 7.75% sales tax + 8% city of Santa Ana = 30.75% tax 
Medical Use - 15% state tax + 7.75% sales tax + 6% city of Santa Ana = 28.75% tax 
State Medical Card Use - 15% state tax + 6% city of Santa Ana = 21% tax



Patients who get a county issued state medical marijuana card still are exempt from sales tax. This was effective on the passage of Prop 64. Our menu donation points include sales tax, so if you have a valid state card your donation point will actually drop to the pre-tax point.  To figure out this price just take your expected donation total and multiply it by 0.928.   For example a $100 donation for a valid card holder will now be $92.80. We must have a copy of our state ID card as a record of tax exempt status.

Contact Info to get your county card in Orange County:

Department of Health 
1200 N. Main Street #100-A 
Santa Ana, CA  92701 
(714) 480-6712 
Business Hours: 
Monday - Friday, 8am - 12pm; 1pm - 4pm

1/25/18: Some of our menu items are now subject to the 15% State Excise tax. Items are noted on menu with the additional tax to be added on the order.

Lead times for orders

Due to new restrictions on our drivers and our delivery methods, longer lead times on orders are likely. We are are trying to maintain staffing to maintain less than a 2 hour delivery timeframe.  We can pre-schedule orders in advance if you can give us a one hour window.  Call the day ahead or early in the day and we can meet you when it works out for you!  Our drivers will no longer have any additional stock on them so you need to tell dispatch if you have a reward card freebie coming.

Advertising and testing

Some advertising sites will work with us, some will not.  As far as we know we will still be able to be on Leafly and Weedmaps…at least for now lol.  Some testing labs will deal with us and some will not.  We changed our testing lab from SC Labs to Cannalysis Laboratories so there might be a small adjustment in the test result numbers you are used to seeing; every lab calculates a bit differently. We aren’t sure if we will be able to always push results we get on Weedmaps (assuming we are still able to to stay there anyways) or any other advertising site. Testing is still important to us and we will do our best to keep testing all of our flowers for potency so you know what to expect.


Our menu may be changing as some vendors will work with us as a collective and some will require us to have a license. Some of our favorites might disappear but we might find something that is better!  We stocked up as much as we could on the more popular items prior to the new year.

High dose edibles

The great state of California has outlawed edibles with more than 100mg in a package. There are going to be new packaging requirements. Any edibles manufactured in 2017 are allowed in the higher doses, but new batches will need to comply with the regulations. There is a limited supply of the higher dose products, so buy now if you need them. Chocolates will stay stable at room temp or freezer for quite some time. If you want this rule changed, make your voice heard. There could be different dosage limits for adult use vs medical. 

Bottom Line

There is a ton of confusion in the industry. The new emergency laws were put out at the last minute and it didn't give time for the industry to adapt. Everyone is doing their best at interpreting and complying with the new rules. We suspect that over the next 6 months or so the laws will get sorted out and we will be able to make a long term decision as to whether we stay medical or try recreational…if local municipalities even start offering recreation licenses.   But until then this is really going to be a day to day situation.  As regulations get sorted and clarified things could change with little or no notice.  If you wish to get involved, contact your local city or county regulators and demand safe access. Tell your State officials they need better regulations to keep black market out of the industry when so many of us are trying to follow the rules. Right now there seems to be little to no distinction in medical vs recreational cannabis in regards to taxes and pricing.  Ask your federal agencies to reclassify cannabis and let states decide what is best for them. Until then we will do our best to maintain the same high quality of service and products that our patients have become accustomed to and will do our best to keep everyone updated as things continue to evolve. 

For more information, Nugg has written a good summary of what is known at this point:


And an update on county by county rules as they come thru:

Take note that there is a consideration in Orange County to ban all outdoor personal cultivation. This is the time to get involved! Contact the Planning Department and demand Safe Access! A non retail storefront (delivery only) is a good compromise in our opinion of giving access while limiting "perceived" safety and blight issues assoicated with storefronts. 


Cole memo and Federal Policy

With the recinding of the Cole memo by A.G. Jeff Sessions yesterday, it is more important than ever to get congress to act. Laws need to be changed so they are not subject to the whim of executive order and memos. Tell your congress to do 3 things to protect your rights:

First, Congress can simply prohibit the DOJ from spending money prosecuting those who comply with state-level recreational marijuana laws. Congress has already done exactly that for medical marijuana, barring the Justice Department from targeting medical users, growers, and distributors who follow state law. It could easily do the same for recreational cannabis, as well.

Second, Congress could reschedule marijuana. This update is long overdue. Currently, marijuana is a Schedule 1 substance, alongside heroin. That’s ridiculous. Schedule 1 drugs have no medical use and high potential for abuse—neither of which is true for marijuana. A lower schedule for the substance would lessen penalties and permit more medical trials.

Third, Congress could repeal the federal ban on marijuana and leave the issue to the states, while continuing to proscribe unlawful production and trafficking. That’s the best long-term solution to America’s current cannabis conundrum, and it will almost certainly happen within a decade given that 64 percent of Americans think the drug should be legal.



In other Kind News....


Welcome to Kind Deliveries!

Our goal is to bring top quality medications to our patients in a prompt and courteous manner. We perform full menu testing in order to provide as much information to our patients as possible. Check out our menu for test results, reviews and pictures of our products. New strains are added weekly, so check back often.

CBD-rich meds are available. We have done extensive testing from member/growers all over California in order to find strains with a high Cannabidiol (CBD) to THC ratio. Our goal is to provide at least one CBD rich strain/capsule/oil on our menu at any time.  Much of the scientific research is showing CBD to be the key component in marijuana’s role as medicine.  

Ask about our Veteran's specials (ID required).

Call to get pre-verified and set up for a delivery.

Mission Statement Continued...


Deals and pricing

Mix and match flowers for bulk pricing - This is the one that causes the most confusion.  You don't need an oz of the same flower to get oz pricing.  Just an oz total.  And you can mix different price points.  Currently our menu offers flowers at 40, 50 and 55 per 1/8.  When you get to 1/4 the 40 stays the same but 50 and 55 become 45 and 50.  Get to a half and they become 35,40 and 45 and get to an oz and its 30, 35 and 40 respectively per 1/8.

Rewards Cards - On the 5th visit the patient receives a free gram of their choice and a free 1/8 on the 10th.  Patients must keep their cards and have the driver initial it each visit.  Our system does not allow us to easily track this info.  For those who don't smoke flower we can figure out a fair substitute on a case by case basis.

Gifts on $100 or more donations -  All orders $100 or more receive a free gift from the drivers.  Patients can't pick strains on this one but can request something more like indica or sativa is so desired. For those who don't smoke flower we can figure out a fair substitute on a case by case basis (generally it includes edibles priced at $15 or less).

3 or more concentrates or carts or pills - Any order that has 3 or more concentrates , any of our preloaded cartridges, or pills priced $35 or more, receive $5 off each product.

Special orders by the case - For those who medicate on a constant basis and would like to order products by the case such as edibles or cartridges can receive up to 25% off.  These orders do need to be placed ahead of time.  Many times just 1 day is sufficient, sometimes up to a week.   Ask for details.

5/$200 - Now this is something we only offer to patients who have been with us for at least 6 months.  This is a program that is offered in lieu of the rewards cards.  Get any 5 products that have a suggested donation point of $40-$60 for $200.  This includes any 1/8s of flowers, premium waxes, cartridges in that prices range, and anything else we offer.    This allows patients to get quality flowers at oz pricing without having to get an oz at a time with the added flexibility of adding other types of products.


Give Back to Kind Deliveries!

Our members keep asking what they can do to help out Kind Deliveries and give back to their favorite collective. We have a few projects where we are looking for member support...
1) Write reviews on Weedmaps. 
Many of our new members come from weedmaps and reviews are a critical way to evaluate a new service. Long or short, good or bad- we love receiving your feedback, so please take a moment to tell us what you think.  Many of you that found us through Weedmaps know first-hand that a kind review will go a long way in helping new patients feel comfortable inviting us into their homes. 
We work hard at establishing ourselves as  a professional, compassionate and efficient collective that provides quality medication; so our reviews help us to determine we are achieving our goals while providing assurance to new members. A recent review said; "Each and every time I make the call, they come with what I've asked for, at a time I choose by people who don't scare the s*** out of me." That may not be how we would have worded it, but it really shows we have met our goal!  
We know Weedmaps sometimes has technical difficulties setting up a user profile or posting a review, so we really appreciate it when a person takes the time to go through the hassle.  We know it wasn't easy! We are currently working on setting up a testimonial section on this webpage to post comments. In the meantime, if you want to send us feedback without using Weedmaps, you can email it to:  
2) Send us your feedback on any strains you have tried. 
Members always tell us they love the reviews Steve writes on each strain. It can be quite the task for him, as his only time to medicate is at the end of the day- preferring to do each as a clean test. That gives only a short window in the day to test and write a thoughtful review.
With our variety of meds lately, the task of reviewing each individually is just too much for one person. If you have an opinion on a strain, good or bad, please write it up and let us know. If you prefer concentrates and waxes, we could also use extra help reviewing those products. Tell us what conditions you are treating with Medical Marijuana, and tell us how the strain worked for you or made you feel. What did you think of the flavor, the smell, the quality? Be creative and have fun! Write us a medical marijuana melody, an ode to your favorite herb, craft a cannabis creation or draw a picture to express your review.  Send your feedback