Introducing Galaxy’s Brand New Water Clear High Potency Cartridges! Blast off today with Galaxy’s Water Clear Cartridges today! Lab tested and 100% natural with no PG, PEG, or VG. (3.7V Battery recommended).

Review from driver T-roy:

Introducing the new Galaxy cartridge new to the menu.  I have to give kudos and honor to the fallen Delta Nine cartridges that are no longer with us for the first time in the nearly five years I’ve been with Kind Deliveries.  Turning of a page and a new era, and all that.  Delta you will be missed, but your successor is packing a wallop and is actually a bit stronger than the Delta Nines, but not the mind-blowing, two-hits-and-you’re-out power of the ACSND carts.  The Galaxy carts are the standard 510 threading for your pen, and come in some basic looking but overall solid packaging.  On to the effects: when I first saw the big box with the cartridges and the various strains (Diamond OG, Tangie, KC33, and Lemon Haze to name a few) the one that jumped out was White Queen (The White being the strongest strain I’ve ever experienced and Dream Queen being one of my all-time favorites, the name naturally snagged me).  I wasn’t disappointed - these carts are REALLY strong.  Again, not to ACSND strength, but these are definitely a step up from the Delta Nines in my opinion.  Plus the taste is better, like a pine/lemon combo that I enjoyed.  For a vape, the Galaxy carts really got me high and coughing quick.  Watery eyes, lifted headspace, and some cleared sinuses after about four or five hits and I’m feeling great: stoney, relaxed, and peaceful.  The cart draws easy too for a nice hit every time, and coming in Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica there’s plenty of choices to get you the relief you’re looking for.  The new Galaxy carts are a fantastic heir to the long standing Delta Nines with a bit more kick, a major bump in flavor, and a solid design.  Blast off today!