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Currently very little has changed.  California is still a medical and only medical marijuana state when it comes to selling marijuana.  A recommendation from a licensed doctor is still required to get medical marijuana.  This will not change until January 1, 2018.  At this point recreational marijuana will be available to sell to any resident 21 or over.  There will be some large new taxes associated with this, both a producer and an excise tax that will raise prices about 20%.  However like I said, this is still over a year away.

  For all practical purposes only two things have really changed since election night and before 1/1/18.


1)       Patients who get a county issued state medical marijuana card will no longer be subject to sales tax of 8%.  If you have a valid card, your suggested donation will be less than our menu price.  Our menu donation points include sales tax, so if you have a valid state card your donation point will actually drop to the pre-tax point.  To figure out this price just take your expected donation total and multiply it by 0.9259.   For example a $100 donation for a valid card holder will now be $92.59.  Everyone, medical and recreational, will have to pay the new 15% excise tax after 1/1/18.

2)        It is now legal in California for any adult 21 or over to posses up to 1oz of flowers or 8 grams of concentrate.  This doesn’t affect how you can buy it, but it does affect how we can all carry it.  A reminder that open carry in a moving vehicle is still illegal.

We can also smoke in most areas where cigarette smoking is legal.  However property and business owners can also ban it from their premises.  Please always be respectful and discreet when smoking anywhere except your own private residence. 


Here is a good source for summarizing the changes and explains the county card system:


Contact Info to get your county card in Orange County:

Department of Health 
1200 N. Main Street #100-A 
Santa Ana, CA  92701 
(714) 480-6712 
Business Hours: 
Monday - Friday8am - 12pm1pm - 4pm

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